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Segway Tours

The future of travel is fun, easy and with no exertion

Roads? We won't need roads where we're going!


We use the Segway X2 so you can blaze the trails, charge the open fields, and trek through the dirt. These off-road beasts have a wide base platform for maximum comfort, deep tread tires to traverse all sorts of terrain and will go up to 20 kph for about 20km. Let us take you for a ride around town or over the hills and into the woods, this thing can handle anything. Are you up for the challenge?


We offer a wide range of tours that focus on either just ridding, or sightseeing.  All tours begin with a short training session to introduce you to the basic functions of the segway and to ensure that you'll have a safe and fun RIDE.



Let the adventures begin!

Introduce yourself to the SEGWAY. Take a spin around the old town and learn the basics and functions of a SEGWAY.

Introduction to the Old Town. Cruise down the Planty gardens, pass the Wawel Castle. Down the royal route to the Barbakan and medieval fortifications.

Cruise around the entire old town, check out the sites while becoming an experienced SEGWAY operator. Historical explanations optional.

An intense look and ride around the Old Town and Kazimierz, the historic Jewish quarter. With historical explanations.

An in depth experience of Krakow’s old town, Kazimierz and the Krakow ghetto located in Podgorze. With historical explanations.

Ride 4x4 on a 2x2. The only SEGWAY OFFROAD experience in Krakow. Ride around an old quarry on special paths. Catch a view of Krakow atop limestone cliffs. Feel exhilarated while riding dirt paths with a lake 70 feet below.


Engulf in the dark, mystic side of Krakow’s Old Town hearing of its ghost tales and legends as

the sun makes its way behind the horizon.


Design a tour route with only the places you want to see for the length you want to ride. Price according to length and distance.

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Segway Tour

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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