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Welcome to Cruising Krakow Segway Tours! (Operated by MK CRUISING Sp. Z.O.O. Kraków Sławkowska 6A).

Segway tours are great fun and the perfect way to see the city, but for the enjoyment and safety of everyone on the tour we need everyone to agree to the following conditions.

By agreeing to Cruising Krakow's terms I confirm that:

● I fully acknowledge and realise the potential danger of participating in a Segway tour and, after the training session, I fully assume all risks and liability for any damages caused by my actions and operation of the Segway machine.

● I agree that after the training session the Segway machine is under my control and I am financially responsible for any damage(s) that might occur while I am riding due to my operation of the Segway machine. (Please see damage cost list for more information). ● If after the training session I am not able to ride the Segway in an accurate and responsible manner I will not participate in the tour on a Segway. NB In this case guests will be offered a bike instead or option for partial refund (see terms and conditions on websites or at reception).

● I will act responsibly whilst participating and operating the Segway and follow the instructions of the guide during the training session and at all times on the tour. If I do not act responsibly or follow the instructions of the guide and other staff, I understand that my tour will be terminated and I will not be refunded for any reason.

● I agree to follow all traffic laws, signs, rules and regulations.

● I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and understand that if I am my tour will be cancelled without refund.

● I am in sound medical condition capable of participating in the Segway tour without risk to others or myself.

● I am not pregnant.

● I consent to and permit emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness. I understand and accept that any medical cost incurred with regards to my medical treatment will be my responsibility.

● In case of accident, I understand that I do not enjoy protection of "responsabilité civil circulation" and instead I will engage my personal civil insurance.

● I agree that all litigation will be subject to Polish law. Any dispute will be settled by local courts.

● I understand that for promotional and souvenir purposes, I may be photographed. Photos and videos may be distributed and available for public viewing.

● If I am signing as a parent or guardian on behalf of a minor under 18 years old, I take responsibility for any of their actions for the duration of the tour.

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