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Communism Bike Tour

A  socialist's dream; Nowa Huta is the ideal urban example of a communist paradise.  Get out of the Krakow center and into the heart of our communist past on this tour of  history, architecture and culture.

Nestled north east of Krakow's old town is the worker's paradise built for the employees of Lenin's steel mill plant. Ride with us back in time to a not so distant past and visit a city that to this day is the ideal example of urban socialist architecture and design. Along the way we will get to see Krakow's airbase that was destroyed during the second world war, the church of Our Lord's ark that was a symbol of communist revolt, and of course the steel mill plant that once held Vladimir Lenin's name.

Durration 4 hours

Distance 25Km/18miles

Level intermediate

Bike touring

Communist Bike Tour

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