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Ojcow National MTB Tour

Castles, caves, cliffs, and fossils

Visit Poland's smallest national park - Father's park!

22 KM north of Krakow, nestled away in a tiny valley, lies Poland's smallest national park. Ojcow, meaning 'father's' park named by one of our King's in homage to his father who based a rebellion from the park. This area was under seawater during the mesozoic period and as a result today it is blessed with wondrous geological formations made thanks to this prehistoric sea. You will not believe how much of a contrast this scenery is to the historic nature of Krakow, not to say that Ojców does not have a history of its own. Along the way we will get to explore the XIV century castle that belonged to 'The Eagle's Nests'; a string of castles and fortresses used to guard the medieval trading routes. Although this tour is not technically difficult, we do cover 56Km and a high level of fitness is required, but we assure you at least your eyes wont get tired.

Durration up to 7 hours

Distance 60km/37miles

Level for advanced

Bike Mountain

Ojcow National Park Tour

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