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MK CRUISING SP. Z.O.O. "Cruising Krakow Bike Tours and Rentals" ul. Sławkowska 6A 31-014 Krakow

§1 All bikes rented are owned or held by MK CRUISING SP. Z O.O. in Cracow.

§2 MK Cruising will be further known as the LENDER

§3 The guest renting a bike will be further known as the RENTER

§4 All bikes distributed by the Lender to the Renter will be fully functioning and technically sound in accordance with applicable safety regulations of the road.

§5 The lender agrees to use the equipment for its intended purpose and at the same time takes responsibility for any consequences as a result of its improper use.

§6 The Renter will cover any costs associated with the repair of the equipment as a result of its improper use. The Lender reserves the right to refuse to accept equipment when the damage to the bike is beyond economically feasible repair. In the above mentioned scenario the Renter agrees to pay the total value of the rented bicycle.

§7 The Lender will not be responsible for hidden factory defects, including parts, materials and accessories that result in damages or injury

§8 The Renter is personally responsible for the rented bike. In case of loss or theft the Renter is responsible for its occurrence and is obligated to pay the entire value of the rented bicycle.

§9 If the Renter has paid out the value of the bike due to loss or theft and in the following six months the bike is recovered, the Lender will return to the Renter the cost of the bike minus any damages attained after the loss of the bike.

§10 The Renter is fully liable for any damages to the bike acquired during the rental period

§11 In case of bicycle theft the Renter must immediately notify the police and MK Cruising’s staff of the stolen bicycle.

§12 The Renter agrees to voluntarily leave their document of identity (ID card / driving license / passport), or a cash deposit which is determined individually depending on the duration and type of bicycle.

§13 The fee for renting bicycles is charged at the end of the rental duration, and is determined according to the Lender’s price list.

§14 The Lender keeps a cash deposit or identity document for the entire duration of the rental.

§15 The cash deposit or ID card is returned once an employee of the Lender company examines and determines the rented bike has been returned in an acceptable condition, and all fees related to the bike rental are paid in full.

§16 The Lender company and its employees reserve the right to refuse bike rental if the Renter is determined unfit mentally or physically §17 The Renter will not rent the bike out to a third party

§18 It is forbidden to make any self-repair, modification, replacement of parts of the rented bicycle without prior consent of the Lender. §19 The Renter is obligated to inform the Lender of cases in which it can not return the bike within the established period of time(before closing hours) Lacking to inform the lender of the extended rental durration will result in the bike beeing reported as stolen to the police.

§20 The Lender is not responsible for accidents or damages during the use of the bicycle by the Renter. The Renter waives all claims against the Lender for accidents, damages or injuries during the rental durration or as a result of.

§21 Any and all regulations not mentioned above will adhear to the civil codex of the city of Krakow. All disputes arising from disagreements shall be settled by the District Court jurisdiction of Krakow, Poland.

§22 After fullfilling the Lender’s requirements of deposit in the form of an identity document or cash, the Renter declares that he has read and accepted all the paragraphs here of “Rules of Rentals”

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