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Our Story

My name is Mike and I'm the founder of Cruising Krakow.


Born in Krakow, I left Poland at an early age with the rest of the communist era-exodus and moved to Vancouver, Canada. During my childhood I was always surrounded by Polish language and culture, but after years in the rat race I had enough; I finished my degree in philosophy at the University of British Columbia, sold my car and moved to the opposite end of the cultural spectrum: Spain.


I worked for Fat Tire Bike Tours in Barcelona, but after 3 years of beaches, sunshine and sangria I returned to the city of my birth, bringing with me the vast experiences of life in these wonderful places.


Growing up in the New World, I have come to expect a high level of customer service that is absent in some parts of Europe. That's why at Cruising Krakow - which has been running since 2006 - we provide an exceptional tourist experience for all of our customers.


Looking forward to riding with you soon!


Check out my winter blog - Here


-Michael Trebacz



Born in Lublin in the east of Poland  at the age of 19 I moved to Krakow to study Mechanical Engineering in the University of Science and Technology.

I started working for Cruising Krakow in 2012 as a bike mechanic, and after 3 years of maintaining our bikes  I became a partner taking advantage of my engineering knowledge and experience to provide our guests with the highest quality of equipment, whether its a Segway or bicycle.

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