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Road/Race Tour

Discover beautiful country roads and valleys surrounding Krakow

Your first impression of Krakow might be similar to what mine were 9 years ago; this is a beautiful city but I wouldn't want to ride a road bike through its streets. Road biking is not for Krakow's city center but rather for Krakow's surrounding valleys. There are many beautiful country roads that wind up and down through the many valleys surrounding Krakow that are just wonderful to burn rubber through. Our road bike trips are for the keen cyclists who want to break a sweat while enjoying the countryside. Thanks to 'greenways', a network of bike routes in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech republic, this route has become a recognized bike path that is safe to ride at high velocities.

Durration up to 4 hours

Distance up to60km/37miles

Level for advanced

Road Bike


Road Bike Tour

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