The joys of this tour lie not only in what you will discover but also in the simple pleasures of biking through the leafy Planty gardens, following the path of the city moat, along the lazy Vistula river and through the colorful streets of Kazimierz. Despite being extensive, the tour is not too strenuous and is suitable for all levels of fitness. There are plenty of stops for historical explanations and photo opportunities. The duration of the bike tour is 4 to 4.5 hours, including a  45min break for lunch at a traditional Polish restaurant where you can order anything from perogies to our favorite Żurek ( sour wheat soup ).


Our City Bike Tour begins everyday under the Adam Mickiewicz statue in the main market square. No need for bikes quite yet. We meet first, introduce ourselves and the city before heading off together to equip each of our guests with his or her very own beach cruiser bike.

• Old Town Square • Schindler's Factory • Medieval city walls
• Planty gardens • Jagiellonian Univ. • Bishop's palace
• Wawel Castle • Dragon cave • Jewish quarter
• Bohemian Kazimierz • Franciscan Church • Old Jewish cemetery
• New Jewish cemetery • WW II Jewish Ghetto • Vistula River
• St. Anne's Church • Old Synagogue • Path of Pope JP II


March 1st -June 15th         12:00pm

June 16th - Aug 31st          11:00am/3:00pm     Sept   1st -  Oct 31st          12:00pm

• Lunch Included









The country tour takes you along the Vistula river to Tyniec, a small town 12km west of Krakow, famous for its 11th century Benedictine abbey.  Founded in 1044, the abbey played a crucial military role in Poland's Christian restoration and the nation's rebuilding. The tour begins along the Vistula river on a smooth bike path and leads you through southern Poland's picturesque countryside. You will pass through age-old woods, see crumbling forts and cycle past some of the lakes that surround Krakow. Upon arrival at Tyniec, you'll have a chance to explore the ancient grounds, take photographs of breathtaking scenery and visit the gift shop, which is full of products prepared by the monks. The essence of the tour is a relaxed, scenic country cycle rather than the stop-start nature of the city tour. You'll cover a total of 24km on a ride lasting nearly four hours. The tour departs in the afternoon and returns in the evening. A backpack is recommended as it will allow you to transport food, water or gifts back from Tyniec. Keen photographers take note: the country tour will stop at a point overlooking Krakow and is timed to coincide with the sunset.

• Vistula River • Benedictine Abbey • Tyniec Village • Kayak Slalom • Twardowski Cliffs • Tyniec Forest
• Camaldolese monastery • Zakrzowek lake


      March 1st  - May 16th    1:00pm

       May 17th  - Aug 31st     4:00pm

       Sept 1st   - Nov 30th     1:00pm









Nestled north east of Krakow's old town is the worker's paradise built for the employees of Lenin's steel mill plant. Ride with us back in time to a not so distant past and visit a city that to this day is the ideal example of urban socialist architecture and design. Along the way we will get to see Krakow's airbase that was destroyed during the second world war, the church of Our Lord's ark that was a symbol of communist revolt, and of course the steel mill plant that once held Vladimir Lenin's name.

• Vistula River • old military airbase • Aviation museum • Church of Our Lord's Ark • Lenin's steel mill plant
• Ronald Reagan square
4 HOUR 4/5 25 Km 120 m



March 1st-Nov 15th       1:00pm



A three-day bike tour passing by a series of medival castles and fortresses that once guarded this ancient trading trail.  The destination is Czestochowa, the home of Poland's most sacred holic relic, the Black Madonna. The rout runs along a tectonic ridge and thus is blessed with valleys and beautiful views. We ride from and Krakow and finish in Czestochowa. This tour includes bikes, guide, helmets, panniers, health insurance and accommodation with breakfast.  Unforgettable.

• Spa Day! • Fortresses • Ancient limestone • Dessert • Ojcow national park • Monasteries
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• the Black Madonna
4 DAYS 4/5 171 Km 1350 m

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