Who We Are

My name is Mike and I'm the founder of Cruising Krakow.


Born in Krakow, I left Poland at an early age with the rest of the communist era-exodus and moved to Vancouver, Canada. During my childhood I was always surrounded by Polish language and culture, but after years running the rat race in Canada I had enough and finished my degree in philosophy at the University of British Columbia, sold my car and moved to the opposite end of the cultural spectrum: Spain.


I worked for Fat Tire Bike Tours in Barcelona, but after 3 years of beaches, sunshine and sangria I returned to the city of my birth, bringing with me the vast experiences of life in these wonderful places.


Growing up in the New World, I have come to expect a high level of customer service that is absent in some parts of Europe. That's why at Cruising Krakow - which has been running since 2006 - we provide an exceptional tourist experience for all of our customers.


Looking forward to riding with you soon!




-Michael Trebacz

My name is Chris.


Born in Lublin in the east of Poland  at the age of 19 I moved to Krakow to study Mechanical Engineering in the University of Science and Technology.


I started working for Cruising Krakow in 2013 as a bike mechanic, and after 3 years of maintaining our bikes  I became a partner taking advantage of my engineering knowledge and experience to provide our guests with the highest quality of equipment, whether its a Segway or bicycle.


- Krzysztof Wójcik

Our Team

Anna Office Manager artist


Anna has been with us since 2017.  She was drawn to tourism because she enjoys meeting people from all over the world.  In her spare time she draws in pencil and pastel and makes copies of sacral and mythological paintings.  Her chosen mode of transport is the Segway

Tomasz the magician


Tom came to us with a background in entertainment.  He worked with both adults and children as a magician and now shows his tricks off to our guests since 2015.  Tom likes to focus on the history of Krakow and brings the historical buildings of Krakow to life by describing what they saw since their construction. In the evenings you can see him behind the bar at Cafe Szafe and in his spare time you reunites himself with nature on long strolls in the woods.

Anthony the Dandy


Besides posessing a wardrobe that even Liberace would be jeolous, Anthony enjoys hiking in the mountains, art and art history and is also a scout leader.

Jacob the musician


Kuba has been our segway guide since 2016. Kuba plays in a one man band where he sings and plays guitar that is heavily influenced by the American south.  Riding with him is like being shown the city by Elvis himself.

Dominica the traveler


Dominica is the newest member of our team.  She came to us with a love of travel and meeting new people.  You will recognize her riding a new turquoise beach cruiser while leading her groups.

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